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Joey Quarles is a well-known figure in the music industry, specifically in music marketing. He has a strong track record and has successfully marketed various artists and theiir music.

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STREETPACE  is  the inspiration of label executive Joey Quarles.  With over 20 Gold & Platinum Sales and marketing awards to his credit and having spent the majority of his career as an executive with  RCA , Geffen, Warner Brothers and Universal Music Group ,  Joey has created a Results Driven Music Marketing Platform for INDI-ARTISTS.


With input from numerous label partners,  Streetpace has developed a set of music marketing tools that provide independent artists a "leg-up" in developing their music careers.  Utilizing basic music marketing essentials , Streetpace campaigns are results driven and budget conscious.  


Streetpace forms an alliance with new independent labels and artists with campaigns designed to help secure label funding and signings.  The Streetpace pro team works with you from start to finish. 


Specializing in Mediabase radio promotion, Streetpace also works closely with Billboard, DRT, VEVO, XM, Music Choice, Spotify and most major streaming platforms.

Streetpace Video Promotion partners with Viacom and numerous music video platforms to secure play on VH1, MTV, BET and numerous platforms world-wide.

Streetpace markets your music to specialty areas of the Internet which include Google, Pandora, On Demand, Rhapsody, Yahoo, MTV & Shoutcast Radio Broadcasters Satellite, College, and Terrestrial Radio.


Although our primary focus is monitored radio video and streaming  platorms, streetpace also service your music to non-commercial and non-reporting locations as well. 

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