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FM radio promo


The objective of the national FM Radio campaign is to build artist awareness and product visibility in target markets.  Target markets surface as a result of radio play, performances, television appearances, social media and/or publicity.  This strategy is not only critical to artist development but allows the label to fine-tune spending in regions most appropriate for your single release.

As your single enters the marketplace Streetpace will continuously maximize airplay by way of dynamic engagement with key radio programmers on a weekly basis.  This will insure that it remains a top priority throughout the campaign.  Our historic relationships with radio will contribute enormously.


Streetpace employs top rated professional promotion/marketing team members with existing major label experience and roots ie:  (Universal Music Group, Warner Brothers, Geffen Records, Atlantic Records and  Sony Music.)


Our team members engage radio programmers on a daily basis in all demographic regions of the United States utilizing up to 13 members per project.

As airplay builds, our team disseminates your spin data to “like” formatted stations in an effort to setup and secure potential airplay markets.  The spin data will also contribute to viable industry trades such as Varity, Rolling Stone and Billboard Magazine.


Streetpace will target Rhythmic Top 40, AC, Jazz, College and Internet radio.   Once visibility and awareness is maximized in your format we are then able to pursue specific crossover markets.


Streetpace will register your single/album at Mediabase, BDS, DRT and all necessary spin detection companies.


A digital servicing will go out to key stations on a weekly basis so that programmers not only have access to your music but are also aware of all graphical content, video stats, social media as well as new mixes.


Phase I of this campaign will start on the date mutually agreed upon by the Label & Streetpace and will continue for a period of 10 weeks with week one and two reserved for setup and delivery.


Ongoing communication is imperative to your success.  Taking advantage and staying ahead of the competition will require immediate reaction to all opportunities.

Required Media:  Broadcast Quality mp3, EPK/Bio and Cover Art.


Please feel free to call me at 818-209-9166.  STREETPACE can also be reached at  Most hours.



video promotion

video shoot.png

Music Video Promotion - Overview

• One Stop Shopping - Provided with a master of the video, Streetpace will do all of the duplication, Closed Captioning, and production needed to get each programmer

everything needed to program your video.

 Each promo package will include a video master, One-Sheet, Bio and Station Submission Form. Everything the programmer needs to air the video, and familiarize them with your product.

•SCOPE: This promotion will include servicing your music video to National and Regional Broadcast video shows, Internet Video outlets, Music Video POOLS, and all Video On Demand Cable Outlets.

•The promotional period is 10 weeks, (life of single) which includes 2 weeks of setup and delivery.

Label/Artist will receive Weekly Tracking reports describing all ‘video adds’ to programming play lists, and recurrent airplay that the video is receiving at each show, including demographics, reach and market of that video show.

Tracking Reports are sent Via EMAIL in PDF form on Fridays. WEEKLY

We choose a custom, select list of programs that are appropriate to be

serviced with the artists video, including Broadcast and Cable video shows, and dedicated

Internet steaming outlets.

Streetpace Promotion will Close-Caption your music video. (Videos have to be closed captionedto be played by any broadcast television show.)

Streetpace will digitize and upload the video to the biggest Internet musicvideo sites. We will strive to get “featured” artist placement. This will increase overall awareness of the video and overall artist branding. This ‘feature’ placement will also

drive viewers to the artists web page, and point of purchase web sites such as I-Tunes, CD Baby, Tunecore & Amazon.

Goals and Highlights for Promotion

Pitch airplay on appropriate MTV / Vh1 broadcast cable channel

(MTV2, aMTV, mtvU, MTV Jams, VH1, VH1 soul VH1 Classic,)

Pitch & Secure airplay on, MTV VOD video on demand,

Pitch & Secure airplay at VH1 or

Pitch airplay to FUSE • FUSE “In Coming” FUSE Video on Demand

Pitch airplay to BET, BET 106 & Park, BET Centric & Online placement

Secure airplay on MTV Latin America

(Seen Throughout Southern US, Central &S. America.)

Secure airplay on MUCH Music & Much (Canada)

Pitch to Secure airplay on Zuus Media, and Revolt TV

Pitch to Town Square Media (AOL Music, Spinner, Noisecreep, BoomBox)

80 + regional adds with the broadcast and cable video shows

Set up airplay with Music Choice. Video on Demand

Set up In-Person Intervie while touring


The Importance of the World Wide Web and Internet cannot be understated. 85% of listeners under 24 get their first impression of new usic through the Internet these days.

Streetpace works with the largest and best. We get the “Featured Video”

highlight page often. We get the label and band the individual links to pass along to street-teams, causing the much-desired “Viral Video” effect. Yahoo Music, Youtube, Rolling Stone, I Film, and many other Internet outlets will stream our videos and link the artist to the point of purchase. We will create the appropriate web files, format the video data, and upload the necessary materials to each site. Streetpace will also work with the websites to feature the video on their splash page and set up give away contest as permitted.

ON Demand Services

Video On Demand services allow digital cable subscribers to watch music videos andconcert footage, in full digital quality, any time they want. They also have the ability to pause; rewind, and fast-forward the video similar to the way a VCR works. This is a free

service and is available on Comcast, Time Warner, Cox, Cablevision, and Adelphia digital cable systems.

Currently there are four major On Demand Services for music videos.

Havoc TV - Havoc launched in 2004 and since then has made its services available to

20+ million homes. It can be seen on Comcast, Adelphia, and Time Warner systems. In

addition to providing video airplay, Havoc TV also features bands on the

web site where viewers could purchase the record.

Music Choice - Music Choice has expanded its video services into the On Demand world . Currently the service is available on Comcast cable to 7+ million homes. They also launched their exclusive content on Sprint's Vision Multimedia Services. The Sprint service features popular, commercial-free audio music channels, including R&B and Hip-Hop, Reggae, Hit List, 80s, 90s, Country and Rock. Their customers can also access "Music Choice Today" for daily video clips, including artist interviews and performances produced at the Music Choice studios, and Music Choice News" for music news and artist gossip on their cell phones.

MTV/MTV2 On Demand – The most recognizable channel in the world now has their content available on demand. Shows like TRL, Subterranean, Cribs, and others could be viewed 24/7.

FUSE on Demand – This on demand service owned by Rainbow Media (FUSE TV), airs EPK’s, interviews, videos, and live performances. They are currently available in 7.5million homes on Comcast and Cablevision digital cable systems.







Retail Airplay encompases an extensive network of major retail outlets, major malls across the US and thousands of independent retail stores in which music is played. The number of stores varies based upon genre of music and range from 1000 to  8500 locations per genre.


Currently, there are more than 90,000 retail stores in the program. Genres of music accepted: Top 40, Hot AC, Adult Contemporary, Alternative, Rock, Urban, Dance, Country and Jazz.


Purpose: To build a story for the artist and their song with corporate affiliations and create massive awareness by directly impacting consumers.

Expectation: This campaign results in thousands of plays throughout the US in major retail outlets. You will receive a weekly DMA report which indicates the amount of retail spins in each market Per week. Also, depending on the amount of spins received, your song has potential to also appear on numerous industry charts while impacting Shazam numbers.

Campaign Duration 15 Weeks

Plays or more per  Week


Streetpace has created strong strategic partnerships with radio, retail and internet

partners who are committed to building product awareness and visibility and making sure

that your product is not just played but heard.

We market music to specialty areas of the Internet which include (AOL, Pandora, On Demand, Rhapsody, Yahoo, MTV & Shoutcast Radio Broadcasters), Satellite, College, and Terrestrial Radio (Major FM - BDS / Mediabase Reporting Stations). 


Although our primary focus is monitored stations and stores, we also service your music

to non-commercial and non-reporting stations as well to ensure maximum exposure.

Streetpace secures airplay and chart activity on radio stations that report sales and airplay

to monitoring companies such as BDS (Broadcast Data Systems), Mediabase, Digital Radio Tracker (DRT), CMJ and Soundscan. These companies also report their collected spin data and sales to various industry trades such as Billboard, FMQB and CMJ and Varity.

Breakout Charts such as DRT Top 100 and others!

Our mission is to get your music heard and create national awareness,


Streetpace will enhance your Spotify, Tidal and Apple Music numbers securing 100,000 to over a million streams.  We don't use "BOTS"  Streetpace secures real streams by organically exposing your music to "Like" genre sites and social media.


Contact Streetpace for Music Industry Standard  Promotion & Marketing!


digital radio wallpaper.jpg


This is an eight (8) week campaign guaranteeing over 500 spins per week for a total of 4800 plus plays overall. Many of the stations are FM stations that also broadcast online. This exposure will position your track for crossover terrestrial airplay consideration. As a result of the airplay your song will be chart on the national DRT (Digital Radio Tracker) top 150 Independent chart. The charts provide a strong publicity edge for your label and will provide increased leverage for further promotion.

Media Requirements

Please submit a broadcast quality mp3 along with your bio and cover art.. The

campaign will begin immediately and continue for 8 weeks bringing over 4,800 spins by campaign end.

The campaign will target Digital Media Stations in major

markets such as Dallas, Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, Cleveland etc. Airplay reports generated by DRT (Digital Radio Tracker) and will be sent to you each Tuesday.

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